Our bacon is all hand-made from our own free-range pigs. We use time honored artisanal methods for curing – just dry cured in salt and natural spice mix (no preservatives or nitrite/nitrate) before hanging in our temperature controlled fridges to cure, then cold smoke to get a classic smokey balance of flavour. As our bacon is naturally made with no brine or water, it fries up crispy, without any loss of water. All our bacon is sliced and vacuum packed in ±200g packs.

To cook

  Cook in a non-stick pan over gentle heat until crispy. Reserve any fat for frying eggs, the perfect breakfast side dish.

We do:

  • Cold smoked loin bacon – lots of meat ans a good rind of fat, this bacon has a well balanced salty, slightly sweet flavour.
  • Belly bacon – Also known as streaky bacon, the belly is multi layered with muscle and fat. it has a more intense saltiness, with good overtones herbs.
  • Shoulder bacon – our latest addition which combines elements of both the belly and loin.
  • Bacon cubes – vacuum packed ±60g packs great for frying up to add depth of flavour to stews and sauces.


Please note:

All produce must be pre-ordered for collection. We are a small scale sustainable farm and artisanal producer selling off small quantities of excess produce. Please allow ±7 days from placing your order to collection.


Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill – Saturday between 09h00 and 12h00. 4th Floor of The Square Shopping Centre in Sunninghill. Cnr Rivonia and Naivasha Rd.

Wickedfood Earth Farm, Hekpoort – at our monthly Saturday market, see website for details of the next market, or by prior arrangement.





At Wickedfood Earth we run free-range pigs as an important mix to our farming model. They live outdoors and are not confined in small cages or overcrowded barns. In addition to being able to forage in large camps, we supplement their diet with fresh vegetable offcuts supplied by the various packing houses in our area. This means that our animals are eating vegetables that are fresher than those available to the consumers on supermarket shelves. Free-range pork is something very special and unique. The meat has exquisite flavour and colour, and superior texture with crunchy crackling. For some of Wickedfood Earth’s favourite pork recipes click here.

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Hot Smoked Belly Bacon, Hot Smoked Loin Bacon, Cold Smoked Belly Bacon, Cold Smoked Loin Bacon, Bacon Cubes – 65g packs, Shoulder Bacon


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