Class 1 (code Thai 3/1) – (R 5 050 per counter excluding VAT) Halaal friendly (excluding beef salad)

•  Fresh springrolls – filled with crunchy vegetables and served with a Thai dipping sauce.
•  Tofu and tomato soup – a fragrant mix of fresh vegetables, complementing the tofu.
•  Green Thai chicken curry – the classic authentic Thai curry, full of fragrance and flavour.
•  Thai beef salad – spicy, sweet & sour, popular in restaurants throughout Thailand.
•  Stir-fried noodles – dry fried, one of Thailand’s best known noodle dishes.
•  Thai cooked rice – basic staple with all Thai meals.
•  Black rice with coconut – sweet rice and coconut pudding with a delicious nutty flavour.

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Class 2 (code Thai 3/2) – (R 5 150 per counter excluding VAT) Halaal friendly (excluding beef curry)

•  Fish cakes – favourite street food, perfect with a cucumber salad, and ideal starter.
•  Cucumber salad – an ideal accompaniment to fish cakes and barbecued meats of the north.
•  Tom Kha Gai – Chicken and coconut milk soup, a quick meal in a bowl.
•  Stir-fried beef curry – with a thick rich coconut cream sauce.
•  Tofu salad with vegetables – an ideal cooked vegetarian salad.
•  Thai-fried rice – Thailand’s answer to fast food, prepared with cooked rice and egg.
•  Sago pudding – ideal cooling pudding after a fiery curry.

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