Please note, that none of these classes are vegetarian and/or Halaal friendly

Class 1 (code Mex. 3/1) – (R5 050 per counter excluding VAT).

•  Burritas – flour tortillas filled with shredded dried beef, with a slight biltongy flavour.
•  Guacamole – an avocado pear dip with onion, chillies and tomato, with tacos.
•  Salsa Mexicana – a salsa served with nearly every dish.
•  Tortilla soup – a classic Mexican soup combining chilli, tomato, avo and tortillas.
•  Chicken with a poblano mole sauce – legendary dish with a chocolate, chilli sauce.
•  Mexican-styled rice – referred to as a dry soup, rice with tomatoes, onion and chillies.
•  Tequila mousse – popular dessert with a strong tequila flavour.

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Class 2 (code Mex. 3/2) – (R5 260 per counter excluding VAT). Quick and easy salsas, dips and fillings, for nachos, tostadas and tortillas, perfect for al fresco dining.

•  Chilli strips with cheese – a delicious chilli, cheese and onion filling for tacos and tortillas.
•  Chicken tostadas – shredded chicken with refried beans and feta, on tortillas.
•  Refried beans – a must on shredded chicken.
•  Salsa Mexicana – a salsa served with nearly every dish.
•  Picadillo – meaning finely minced beef, with onions, tomatoes, raisins and almonds.
•  Green salsa with avo – a hot avo salsa with chillies.
•  Mushroom salsa – with jalapeño peppers ideal for vegetarians.
•  Rice pudding – Mexico’s favourite pudding in most restaurants, served hot or cold.

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