Flavours of Vietnam

Class 1 (code SEA 3/2) – (R4 750 per counter excluding VAT) Halaal friendly

•  Fresh springrolls – a classic snack, springrolls wrapped in lettuce leaves and served with herbs.
•  Vietnamese salad platter – an integral part of most meals, often used as wraps.
•  Pickled carrot salad – a versatile fresh salad, delicious as part of a Vietnamese salad platter.
•  Tofu, tomato and chive soup – a clear broth, versatile, ideal to complement of the dishes.
•  Caramel chicken – one of Vietnam’s great dishes, sweet and spicy braised chicken pieces.
•  River rice – cooked rice flavoured with lemongrass, shrimp and shallot paste.
•  Coconut crème caramel – originally French, but now a firm favourite with a delicate coconut flavour.

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